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Jesse James joins with Missouri settlers in their battle with rich, land-grabbing railroad tycoons.

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original title: Jesse James at Bay

genge: Action,Comedy,Music,Western


imdb: 6

duration: 56min



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The last of the "Frontier-era" films starring Roy Rogers. From this point forward through the last of the Roy Rogers' film at Republic, the time period was always the "modern west", or the mythical version of such. The exception to all of his remaining films not being set in a historical period was in "Heldorado" that contained a flashback segment. Here, Roy plays a dual role of the title character, Jesse James (Roy Rogers). In order to blacken the name of Jesse James, who is aiding the homesteaders and farmers in their fight against a land-grabbing scheme by the agents of a railroad, Burns is hired to impersonate Jesse. The scheme is successful at first with all but Jesse's old friend, Sheriff "Gabby" Whittaker (Gale Storm), who can distinguish the two men intuitively. Jesse ends that problem by taking out Burns, who had been impersonating him, and then he impersonates Burns in order to get to the root of the problem. Jesse James joins with Missouri settlers in their battle with rich, land-grabbing railroad tycoons. Roy plays a dual role in this classic western. He plays both Jesse James and the identical bad-guy Clint burns. The case of mistaken identity causes some problems for Jesse as he gets put in jail, then accused of burning down Gabby's house. Gale plays a newspaper reporter who is trying to get the scoop on Jesse. Together she and Roy capture the James Gang. This film may not be historically accurate, but it is great fun and a must-see if you're a Roy Rogers fan or a Gale Storm fan. (Gale steals the picture from Roy). In the days before he was permanently playing himself in stories of the modern west, Roy Rogers played a number of real western characters and in Jesse James At Bay he plays the title role. And we learn the 'true' story that being that Jesse was not shot in the back by Bob Ford.

When a couple of sharp crooks played by Pierre Watkin and Hal Taliaferro cheat a bunch of honest ranchers and farmers out of their spreads, sheriff Gabby Hayes on the Q.T. sends for Jesse who's been lying quiet in Nebraska and out of the reach of Missouri law enforcement. Of course this does present an ethical problem for Gabby as he is the sheriff and he is sending for a wanted outlaw.

But not to be outdone Watkin and Taliaferro use a gambler named Clint Burns also played by Roy Rogers to sully Jesse's image as a Robin Hood. Nevertheless Gabby and Roy as Jesse get on to the scheme and turn it to their advantage quite cleverly.

Roy does quite well in the dual role although later on I doubt his public would have tolerated a villainous Roy Rogers. Roy and Gabby have to contend with a pair of reporters played by Sally Payne and Gale Storm who want the 'real' story.

As what was said in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 'print the legend'.


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